Covid-19 Anti-Viral disinfection and Sensitization services.

Hygiene and Sanitization is an absolute priority since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Thuma Thina advanced cleaning services provides professional Antiviral Sanitization Services for all suburbs within the Western Cape and the City of Cape Town. Schools, Commercial Places, Residential Estates, Private Homes, Shops, Shipping Companies, Industrial Warehouses and Offices. Our Deep Cleaning Service provides the best possible way to combat the virus as well as have peace of mind knowing you are in a safe secure environment. We use Efficient & Eco Friendly Sanitization product which kill Efficient & Eco Friendly Sanitization.

  1. Commercial & Residential Anti-Viral Disinfection and sanitisation.
  2. Schools & Crèches Anti-Viral Disinfection and sanitisation.
  3. Car sanitisation and disinfection.
  4. Pre & Post Occupation sanitisation and disinfection.
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